20 Artists to Watch at The Armory Show


As The Armory Show opens its 23rd edition, 209 galleries from 30 countries across the globe have converged on Manhattan’s west side. The fair’s 2017 installment boasts not only roomier aisles and bigger booths, but an increase to the number of galleries in the Presents section, which offers solo or duo artist presentations by young dealers, and a revitalized Focus section, bringing in new or rarely seen work curated by Jarrett Gregory.

With these changes come an abundance of artists on the rise. These range from young German photographer and Andreas Gursky protégé Louisa Clement, to first-time Venice Biennale participants Fiete Stolte, a conceptual artist based in Berlin, and Achraf Touloub, a multimedia artist from Morocco—to name just a few. Here, in no particular order, we highlight 20 of the fair’s most promising newcomers.

By zooming in on mundane objects with her iPhone camera, Clement captures close crops of the more surreal aspects of contemporary culture, including color and form. Her most recent photographs home in on the translucent limbs and contours of inanimate mannequins; but through Clement’s lens, they look more like slippery, free-thinking digital “Avatars,” as the series being shown at The Armory Show is titled. In this way, the young photographer, who studied under the acclaimed artist Andreas Gursky at the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf, cleverly nods to the virtual personas we construct through social media and online virtual worlds like Second Life. Berlin’s WENTRUP will also host its first solo show of Clement’s work this fall.