Alice Bauer: 2018 Berlin Gallery Weekend Highlights


Louisa Clement & Studio Miessen – Fractures

A collaboration between artist Louisa Clement and Studio Miessen, Fractures focuses on the disruption of human interaction. The cleaved connection between two beings, and the sensuality of the nature of the effort, despite the unavoidable lack of division. Bringing together photographs and video installation using pieces of mannequin bodies, Fractures creates a disconnect from body and reality. The issue of identity and the construction of identity underlying the exhibition highlights the issue of authenticity and honesty through both the inanimate nature of the mannequins as well as the images of their pieces placed together slightly askew. The disjunction of human and human-esque entity as well as the oblique formation of parts of a body removed form a whole, shifts our attention to the undeniable growing separation of humanity and its connection and forms of contact within itself.