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Biennale Bregaglia
Biennale Bregaglia, Switzerland
11.06.2022 – 24.09.2022

The Bregaglia Biennale 2022 thematizes the connection of the Bergell villages to each other. The curators identify this connection in the geography of the valley, the forces of nature, the arrangement of the villages, and various natural-historical events and social-historical developments. Central are, for example, the trade route to the south, the construction of the pass road and the Albigna dam, the Reformation or the witch trials. The invited artists were asked to deal with this connection. The main venue of the exhibition is Vicosoprano, the former capital of Bergell, located in the middle of the Val Bregaglia.

Nevin Aladağ has implemented the elements of ornament and collage relevant to her work in Color Floating with colored hosiery, which she draped over lamps reminiscent of Poul Henningsen. The artworks illuminate the Maira River in both direct and figurative ways. They bring into focus the river that runs through the Bergell and increases in power in Vicosoprano due to the inflowing water of the Albigna. The use of water power is a supporting economic sector for the Bergell, but the watercourses also show their destructive side again and again.

Curators: Bigna Guyer und Anna Vetsch