solo Show
Bongos at the Lido
Villa Merkel
08.03.2020 – 12.07.2020

David Renggli’s oeuvre is permeated with humour, poetry as well as musicality and comes to expression in the form of sculptures, conceptual painting and complex multimedia presentations. In addition, there are appropriations of pictorial languages from both everyday life and the traditions of cultural history, with contributions from ancient sculpture as well as pictures from the tabloid press and fashion magazines. Renngli’s works are also based on his wide-ranging collection of vintage erotic publications which, alongside paraphrases of ideals of beauty, are likewise characterised by sophisticated and innovative graphic designs.

With a wry wink of the eyes, David Renggli directs an ironical gaze towards the cult of beauty, forms of self-optimisation and instances of narcissistic self-referentiality; he uses collages embellished with painting to integrate his comments and reflections into a comprehensive pictorial atlas. As a Neo-Dadaist, David Renggli is entirely devoted to the free play of art – and occasionally also of music.