group Show
Deep Tissue
Berlinskej Model, Prague, CZ
06.11.2019 – 07.11.2019

Curated by Monika Čejková. Berlinskej Model, Pplk. Sochra 9, prague 7

Featuring Artists: Camila Roriz, Gregory Kalliche, Jan Ahrens, Anna Hofmann, Taehee Whang

When you visit painter Florian Meisenberg’s website, you get an insight into his way of thinking about the image, as well as his understanding of painting as the visualisation of a complex mass of tissues composed of many layers, from creative thoughts and various aspects of human existence all the way to the infinitely extensive virtual world. Meisenberg’s website presents his practice using a pre-programmed algorithm performing an online search for content associated with his name, which is interwoven with reproductions of his paintings. Users may ever alter the selection in the settings. This design is identical to Meisenberg’s real-world exhibition projects, where the painted image is always presented as the centrepiece of a complex installation that includes digital simulations experienced through the medium of a screen or a virtual reality headset. For the artist, VR thus becomes an instrument and a means of demonstrating the use of new technologies in ways that are not necessarily rational, instead using them to create poetic visual compositions.

Meisenberg has shown his work at a number of collective and individual exhibitions, including solo exhibitions held at the Zabludowicz Collection in London (360:VR Room, 2019), Kunstpalais Erlangen (Complimentary Blue, with Anna K.E, 2019), Wentrup in Berlin (Florian Meisenberg & David Renggli, 2019; Late Checkout
(West Berlin), with Anna K.E., 2017; Somewhere sideways, down, at an angle, but very close, 2014), Kölnischer Kunstverein (2015), Kasseler Kunstverein (The new world Hotel, 2015), Simone Subal Gallery in New York (Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently, 2015). His work has also been presented as part of group exhibitions at the Zabludowicz Collection in London (2019; 360: Nasauea, 2018), Kunstsammlung Chemnitz (Jetzt! Junge Malerei in Deutschland, 2019), Kunstmuseum Bonn (2019), Museum Wiesbaden (2019), Museum der Bildenden Künste in Leipzing (Link in Bio. Kunst nach den sozialen Medien, 2019), Goethe-Institut Hong Kong (Statements 2, 2015).