group Show
Demain est annulé … de l‘art es des regards sur la sobriété
Fondation Groupe EDF, Paris
17.01.2024 – 29.09.2024

Open to the general public, this original exhibition, conceived by a collective curator, both scientific and artistic, unfolds over 550 m2 of renovated space. Installations, photographs, videos, paintings, music... 23 French and international artists offer a dreamlike and sometimes critical stroll which, far from wanting to prescribe, gives food for thought about our relationship with sobriety.

Visitors will be able to grasp the already real effects of climate change, and explore the various ways of dealing with it.

Is it possible to dream together of a more sober world? Can this sobriety lead to a more harmonious, fairer society? Can it help individuals reconnect with others and with nature? Can technical innovation serve social, political and ecological progress? What new paths can we take?

Visitors are free to follow their emotions, ask questions and get moving.