solo Show
Exercises in Harmony 1
Kunsthal 44Møen
09.06.2019 – 21.07.2019

Nevin Aladağ will show examples of her complex body of work titled “Social Fabric” (2017/18). For these textile works, Aladağ collages pieces of carpets of different origin and production conditions - from knotted kelims, virgin wool and silk carpets to industrially produced Tretford, Sisal and wool carpets. These patchwork-like fabrics create crystalline patterns reminiscent of the colourful glass windows of churches, combining elements from different cultures and periods as well as aesthetic concepts of East and West, from Islamic abstract patterns to Cubism and Bauhaus.

She also shows a set of her “Jali Sculptures” (2018) that are assembled of light- and sight-permeable three-dimensional tiles, similar to those that are used in southern cultures as decorative architectural elements for walls and windows. Aladağ had custom-made them in ceramic glazed in pastel colours, merging different historical styles into geometric patterns. Their hexagonal shape allows endless variations of the assembly into paravent-like structures of virtually unlimited dimensions, reminiscent to chemical compounds. Additionally, Kunsthal 44Møen presents two of Aladağ’s earlier video works that are part of a trilogy exploring different cities as sonic landscapes. “City Language / Şehir Sesi I”(2009) is a single-channel video split into four segments - a sound portrait of Istanbul that takes the city itself as an instrumental body: the wind plays a flute that is held out of the window of a driving car, resonant woods tumble down a rolling street in Beyoğlu, pigeons pick on a Saz (a traditional Turkish string instrument), and a tambourine attached to a motorboat resonates with the pounding waves of the Bosporus.