solo Show
Even Here I Exist
Barakat Contemporary I Seoul, South Korea
12.03.2020 – 26.04.2020

'Even Here I Exist' is Peles Empire's first exhibition in Asia. This exhibition at Barakat Contemporary presents new works inspired by traditional Korean ceramics, including Goryeo period celadon, as well as a site-specific installation in reaction to the gallery space. Due to the tendency of the duo to have traces of past works reappear in new ones, this exhibition in Seoul will also be absorbed into the later works of Peles Empire and continue cultural hybridization in new areas. To visit the exhibition in VR, please click the link below!

Advance Reservations Guide for Barakat Contemporary Exhibitions in person should you be in Seoul, South Korea:

To prevent the spreading of the Corona 19 virus, the exhibition “Even here, I exist” will be only accessible to visitors who have made a reservation in advance. Please wear a mask when you visit. We ask for your patience and cooperation and wish you the best of health.

For a link to the video interview, click below: