group Show
  Romanian* Art Now.
Suprainfinit gallery, Bucharest, Romania
12.09.2018 – 26.10.2018

To mark the re-opening of the gallery in a permanent space, Suprainfinit gallery brings together a group of Romanian* artists, in an exhibition addressing the subject of “prehistory” but focusing equally on the “pre”** as much as on “history”.

Naama Arad
Alle Dicu
Peles Empire
Nona Inescu
Mi Kafchin
Mara Ploscaru
Larisa Sitar
Loana Ursa
Mihaela Vasiliu
Kristin Wenzel
Madalina Zaharia

  • Despite the fact that all artists in the exhibition are somehow connected to Romania, the “romanian-ness” of this exhibition is almost non existent and it was never intended to do anything more than to underline this.