group Show
In erster Linie. Werke aus der Sammlung Stadler
Neues Museum Nürnberg
28.01.2022 – 11.09.2022

For the first time, the Munich collectors Annette and Rainer Stadler are presenting a selection from their collection to the public. The six façade rooms in the Neues Museum, which form a large showcase to the square, are recommended for this purpose.

Many years ago, the couple began collecting works by Gerold Miller, whom they continue to accompany through all creative phases. Those works form the heart of their collection, so Miller occupies the lower rooms with his serial wall works.

The Berlin-based sculptor is concerned with interaction with space in his lacquered metal works. Miller opens up the pictorial surfaces and incorporates the wall while differentiating in perception through shiny and matte surfaces.

On the upper floor, works by Gregor Hildebrandt, Brigitte Kowanz and Heimo Zobernig are on display. As much as the artists differ in their visual language and choice of materials, for all of them, the formal elements as color, form, and line play a special role.