Video – Making of Störschub by Jan-Ole Schiemann

In Jan-Ole Schiemann's work, the boundaries between abstract and figurative painting blur in interesting ways. Rigorous painterly gestures bring together elements from cartoons with pictorial devices from comics and drip painting. Structures, logos, topographies, graffiti, and everyday textures are layered into a complex fabric that both emphasizes the surface and draws in depth. Although his pictorial compositions are prepared and planned, the artist always retains a moment of spontaneity in their realization, using rhythmic and melodic elements to finalize the composition. For the installation in the art station Jan-Ole Schiemann has dealt with the situation in a train station. Here one waits for the upcoming train ride or expects arriving persons. Sometimes, however, a disturbance or an incident can also be the reason for waiting. The situation is perceived - depending on the respective accompanying circumstances - as positive or negative. This feeling is picked up by the change of forms, which mirrors the positive image on one wall in the negative on the opposite wall. Schiemann's installation eludes quick observation and invites the viewer to keep discovering further pictorial elements. His suggestion for those waiting is to see the positive in the negative. Jan-Ole Schiemann was born in Kiel in 1983, he was a master student of Andreas Schulze at the Academy in Düsseldorf and lives in Cologne.