group Show
Light Trail 2020
13.06.2020 – 09.10.2020

A group of International artists have been invited to the 2020 'light trail' and have developed artistic interventions for urban spaces around Braunschweig.

As part of the 2020 light course, Nevin Aladağ is showing a form of her 'Colours' series that has been further developed for outdoor use; "Color-Floating 1" and "Color-Floating 2" are two aluminium moulds made of stacked, different sized plate-like elements that are covered with coloured and structured tights. The silky sheen makes them appear delicate and delicate, but the extreme tension of the fabric in the gaps also demonstrates its resilience.

These sculptural light fittings with a skin made of synthetic, industrially manufactured nylon tights are reminiscent of the design of common indoor lamps, which create a cozy atmosphere, especially in living rooms. The mood created by light and lamps goes beyond the lamp as a light source. By shifting our perception of a space clearly defined as inside or outside, public space turns out to be a place where private matters are increasingly negotiated and thus become part of political and social coexistence. The private becomes public. Nevin Aladağ modifies the image of private interiors and plays with a vision of a brightly colored, private, evening cityscape, which, based on the work Colors, (with the US spelling)on questions of cultural origin, gender and its attributions allude. The white, glistening light of the usual street lamps is countered by the colorful, diverse light of Aladağ's luminous bodies, shimmering through the different colored pantyhose. "Skin" appears stretchy and in a number of different ways of color.