Marion Verboom joins Wentrup Gallery
Wentrup, Berlin


We are excited to announce the representation of Marion Verboom.

Marion Verboom’s sculptures bring together a syntax of minimalism with methods of hybridization and a culture of sampling. Inspired by architecture, urbanism, mythology, ancestral crafts as much as forms of logosyllabic writing, Verboom’s sculptures and installations operate through iteration, by stacking contiguous or disjointed fragments in modular combinations that are adaptive and context-specific.

Marion Verboom (1983) lives and works in Paris.
The artist’s first solo exhibition with our gallery, titled “Mégaron,” will be on view from 27 October until 2 December 2023.

Foto credits:
Exhibition view Marion Verboom - Chryséléphantine, La Verrière, Brussels, 2023 © Isabelle Arthuis / Fondation d’entreprise Hermès
Portrait © Claire Dorn