group Show
Musterung Pop und Politik in der zeitgenössischen Textilkunst
Kunstsammlungen am Theaterplatz, Chemnitz, Germany
08.11.2020 – 14.02.2021

Examination of a case
Pop and Politics in Contemporary Textile Arts

Artists of different generations and origins on all continents are eager to engage with material, with new textiles and image-support materials. Curtains, wallpapers, and carpets are being rediscovered as image carriers for contemporary depictions. Fabrics, textile décor, and clothing can be used to narrate anew stories, the backdrops of historical, pictorial, and global relations. Here, the rediscovery of traditional techniques is confronted with the enthusiasm for new digital technologies: smart clothing, wearables, social fabrics, robot designers, identity symbols, materials research, fast fashion, global networks in the context of mass production and sustainability are catchwords which are currently being enrolled in the art field as well. Using internationally renowned positions, the exhibition, which takes place during the Year of Industrial Culture in Saxony, highlights the explicit and multifaceted way in which pop culture, (post-) feminism, and day-to-day politics are expressed in textile materials.

An exhibition with works by
Nevin Aladağ | Alexandra Bircken | Tim Berresheim | Shannon Bool | Edith Dekyndt | Die tödliche Doris / Tabea Blumenstein | Kyungah Ham | Tobias Hantmann | Erika Hock | Magdalena Kita | Helen Mirra | Laure Prouvost | Yelena Popova | Puppies Puppies (Jade Kuriki Olivio) | Regine Schumann | Sara Sizer | Oliver Sieber | Heidi Specker | Roland Stratmann | Rosemarie Trockel