New Publication: Remote Control
Hatje Cantz


Photography from abstraction to figuration

The photographs, videos, installations, sculptures, and new VR works by Louisa Clement (*1987) deal with phenomena related to a sense of disturbance in times of political and social insecurity. Clement’s investigations prove to be as seductive as they are cryptic: What is a human being in a digital age in which the body’s integrity is increasingly questioned through vehement medical and technological interventions? In an almost surreal manner, Clement’s detailed photographs conjure up a new image of the body that also represents the ambivalent vision of a “new human being.” With the help of her photographs, taken with smartphone cameras, she examines not only the medium’s ability to reproduce images, but also the reality of the technologically modified human. This publication is a companion to Louisa Clement’s museum exhibitions at Sprengel Museum in Hanover, Germany and Ludwig Forum in Aachen, Germany.