New Website: Onehundredfourtythousandonehundredsixty hours later
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Swipe or Smear through 15 years worth of Florian Meisenberg's painting on his new interactive website, available to view clicking the link below. Claudia Paterson, writer for King Kong magazine notes:

Hovering in the unchanging air of a single screen, fifteen years of painting hang in simultaneous layers.
A soft, synthetic keening is present too, like a window being wiped in space, as streaks of movement cut through the layers, revealing discordant shards of canvas below. The streaks slash at the image repeatedly, like crop circles, or like a subway poster that’s been torn off and repasted again and again, or like layers of sediment tracing back through time.

Each slash is decisive, driven by a hand in motion, though not necessarily premeditated. There is an air of discovery about each one, as if the maker did not know, until that moment, that this was what they would make, given the chance.
Perhaps it has been along time since a chance like this has been granted to them. Play is not an adult concept.
The streaks move forward in time but cut backwards. All the streaks that have ever been, or that are happening now, hang in layers like the paintings themselves. This universe is defined by a program that stores each new slash alongside past slashes, allowing them to play together ad infinitum.

The process is shared among the users, all anonymous. It is collaborative, improvised. The act of creation itself, though, has been reversed. Where traditional painting is additive, these streaks and slashes are subtractions. Their medium is negative space, or the act of revealing. A kind of excavation, working away at the fossilised pieces of past ideas, polishing them until they erode to dust and fall through your fingers, forming new thoughts.