Noemi Smolik -Louisa Clement: Remote Control


Louisa Clement first attracted my attention with a pile of glassy, inky-black stones on the floor—remnants from the process of detoxifying chemical weapons of the kind used in the Syrian civil war. The objects radiated a pure, lethal beauty. Then there were the sleek and sometimes disjointed mannequins she photographed with her iPhone, which possess a similarly terrifying allure, counterbalanced by their lifelessness and artificiality. This antagonism is the young artist’s guiding theme. For her exhibition in Hannover, which will include nearly one hundred works, she has teamed up with the respected VR-production company Acute Art to construct a virtual space in which visitors will be able to engage digital avatars in dialogue. The setting will be elegant but suffused with mystery, blurring the boundary between the virtual and real worlds—at once terrifying and fascinating! Travels to Ludwig Forum Aachen, Germany, September 27, 2019–January 19, 2020.