solo Show
PHAKT Centre Culturel Colombier, Rennes, FR
12.10.2023 – 22.12.2023

Anastasia Samoylova's first solo exhibition in France, "FloodZone" is a photographic narrative exploring the problem of rising sea levels in an area south of Florida.

As part of the GLAZ photography festival

The "FloodZone" exhibition was initiated when the artist moved to Miami in 2016. Through daily walks, Anastasia Samoylova began to reflect on the growing conflict between the city's booming tourism and real estate market and the regular intrusion of the ocean on its coastline, as in 2017 when the city was particularly devastated by Hurricane Irma.

"FloodZone" is built on a set of interrelated paradoxes: the dissonance between official iconography composed of tourism and real estate advertising and the harsh everyday realities of climate change; the way landscape and sense of place are both natural and constructed; and the way photography records and shapes perception.
Although the project was motivated by the effects of a major cataclysm, the FloodZone exhibition eschews all-too-familiar media representations of catastrophe and human suffering. Instead, the artist offers images of a saturated territory, portraits of its inhabitants and close-up observations of the architecture, abundant flora and local fauna.

While the economic forces at work contribute to a sense of denial and disavowal, Anastasia Samoylova's photographs materialize what it feels like to live in a paradise that is sinking towards catastrophe.