solo Show
Sainte-Croix, Nantes
01.07.2023 – 03.09.2023

Like a curious archaeologist, Marion Verboom is inspired by architecture, geology and art history from prehistory to the Middle Ages, excavating images composed over millennia.

Verboom created Achronie 39 specifically for the Place Sainte-Croix, which she designed in response to the church that majestically towers above the square. Achronie 39 is composed of eight fragments each inspired in turn by a bestiary, an aquatic pattern, a flute, a Bruegelian character, clockwork, a tent and a mother-goddess nursing two infants. This last statuette is the work of the famous Gallo-Roman potter and coroplast Pistillus, who lends his name to the title of the exhibition.

In the Passage Sainte-Croix garden, she has transformed its small fountain into a ceramic sculpture.

Playing with the site’s unique traits, Marion Verboom has placed Tectonie in the courtyard. The sculpture and its 13 juxtaposed fragments rise nearly 8 metres high, with a finish that recalls the golden shadows of a bronze patina.