solo Show
Public Resonator
Kurgarten and Kurhaus Baden-Baden, DE
15.07.2023 – 03.09.2023

For this year's edition of “kunst findet stadt,” Nevin Aladağ was invited to develop a project for the public space in Baden-Baden. On view will be a sound ensemble perfectly integrated into the Kurgarten and its specifically designed topography within the city. She placed a stage-like situation in the center of the geometrically designed garden scenery, inviting visitors to linger and contemplate the opulent flower and plant arrangements. At the same time, a bizarre sound sculpture with a large ball in its center, into which various instruments have been incorporated, invites interaction. An sculpture of the series Pattern Kinship Clouds, complements this central work in the middle of the Kurgarten. The flat carved corten steel plates have ornaments originating from nature incorporated into them. The colorful lamps under the ceilings of the adjacent palisades and the carpets in the entrance of the Kurhaus transform the impressive representative ensemble of buildings with an ironic wink into an inviting bazaar situation with all its diverse promises.