group Show
Sag es durch die Blume
Pasinger Farbik, Munich, DE
15.06.2023 – 13.08.2023

The exhibition "Tell it through the flower" illuminates the complex interaction of flowers, nature and man. Curated by Julia Geiger, Annette Hempfling and Stefan-Maria Mittendorf and in cooperation with the Geiger Archive in Munich, it is presented as part of the "Flower Power Festival".

The two painters Willi Geiger (1878 - 1971) and Rupprecht Geiger (1908 - 2009) provide the impetus for the visual artistic examination of the subject with rarely shown works in the Pasinger Fabrik. Nevertheless, with a deliberately polyphonic approach, the exhibition shows how flowers affect many areas of life. Other artists* in the exhibition are: Christoph Brech, Andrea Faciu, Christoph Franke, Olga Golos, Annette Hempfling, Winfried Herbst, Wolfgang Hesselberger, Gregor Hildebrandt, Miriam Salamander, Rose and Gisbert Stach, Gotlind Timmermanns and Michael Wesely.

The multimedia positions gathered in the group exhibition visualize flowers as well as the world of plants and nature in their various manifestations. The way the individual works are read often leads the viewer to the artist's desires, fetishes and pleasures - which perhaps also correspond to our own. If the artists are in love with the motif of the flower, it is precisely because of its mysteriousness and its external charms. All the works of art gathered in the exhibition say it to us through the flower.