solo Show
Sound of Spaces
Museum Villa Stuck
28.10.2021 – 13.03.2022

The Museum VILLA STUCK presents the most comprehensive solo exhibition to date of Nevin Aladag featuring a selection of installations, sculptures, textiles, video works and performances. Since the 1990s, the internationally renowned artist has been exploring music and sound as media of art. Playfully and with a keen sense of irony, she combines images and sounds to reveal surprising elective affinities that evoke a wide array of associations. In Aladag’s world the everyday is set in motion, objects start making music, are transformed and let the imagination run free. In the process Aladağ tests the limits of cacophony, examining when a harmonious overall image is formed without giving up the individuality of the various sound traces. To this end, she experiments with the sound properties of different objects and their simultaneous effect in a variety of media. The resulting diverse, multidisciplinary work can be viewed for the first time in such a broad selection.

The exhibition presents recent works, some created especially for this project, in a dialogue with older work. This juxtaposition highlights recurring motifs and strategies that – very much in line with the principle informing individual works – comment on one another to produce something new. The result is a subtle and humorous “score” that runs through the entire museum, from the historical rooms to the private living quarters and the new studio.