group Show
Textile Welten
Pinakothek der Moderne - Die Neue Sammlung, Munich, DE
21.07.2023 – 03.10.2023

Textiles shape human existence, they paved the way for industrial design, provided important inspiration for the development of Modernism in art, and today reflect the current topics of environment and sustainability and are sure to spur innovation in spatial design and architecture.

Die Neue Sammlung possesses important textiles and fabrics from the mid-19th century through to the present day. They not only embody the development of textile production as a craft and an industry but also demonstrate how the lines dividing art and design are gradually becoming blurred in this field. After all, textiles are especially suited to exploring the connection between material and aesthetics.

Industry – workshop – art – design: These are the intertwined elements of the world of textiles that are highlighted in the exhibition. The presentation shows a poignant cross-section of the museum’s marvelous collection and links it with contemporary positions from art and design. A look into the future shows the development of innovative fabrics that are of great importance in terms of Social Design and sustainability regarding resources, manufacturing processes and recycling. That said, three-dimensional weaving also underscores the visionary potential of textiles.