group Show
The BRAIN in Art & Science
Bundeskunsthalle Bonn
28.01.2022 – 26.06.2022

What is the brain: control centre, supercomputer, locus of the self? One thing is certain: it is one of the last great mysteries of the human body. Brain research is constantly delivering new insights, but it also continues to face a great many unresolved questions. Not least because of this, the human brain inspires a wealth of speculation and hypotheses – not only on the part of scientists but also among artists. Uncharted territory offers space for fictions and fantasies as well as for bold theories.

In this exhibition, art, cultural history and science converge to create an intriguingly multifaceted panorama. In addition to brain research and neurology, philosophy, religion, the history of medicine and psychology have their say. The interdisciplinary dialogue constitutes a deliberate experiment with the aim of approaching the brain from different directions.