solo Show
the long sleep of amber
E-Werk, Luckenwalde, Germany
01.05.2021 – 18.07.2021

For E-WERK Luckenwalde, artistic duo Peles Empire has created a large-scale installation for the building’s historic flagpoles and its impressive Turbine Hall, drawing on materials including Jesmonite, coal ash, ceramics, photography and textiles. This work connects the material history of the power station with contemporary processes in a fitting tribute to the transformation of E-WERK from a relic of the fossil fuel era into a contemporary ecological power station. Peles Empire has cast several large jesmonite panels with samples of vestigal coal dust from the power stations furnaces to create permanent archival panels of E-WERK’s history. These panels will be presented alongside several large-scale ceramic works based on drawings from early experiments with electricity from the Ancient World and mythology. These ceramic works have been fired using the three day process of a pit firing in the E-WERK Grounds and in the Performance Electrics’ Kunststrom wood-chip oven, which, since 2019, has provided renewable electricity to the entire building, the contemporary art programme and the German National Grid. The flags will abstractedly denote these influences and combine imagery of early experiments in electricity, engineering blueprints from E-WERK’s archive and photography from the pit firing to form a public outdoor textile commission. Peles Empire have entropically cocooned natural elements of the power station, from carbon to heat, via the contingent processes of ceramics and casting, to hint at the fleeting precarity of time, history and social innovation.