Axel Geis

Referential painting

The paintings by Axel Geis wed the face to the body, and yet highlight it. Body and face, and also the surroundings, become one. Geis’ figures may under these circumstances have literally lost their faces. But that they withdraw themselves so vehemently from the beholder becomes proof of their dignity and of Geis’ careful treatment of his subjects. Because Geis does not instrumentalize the people in his models shamelessly or voyeuristically—after all, they cannot resist his intervention in any way. On the contrary, he only discloses so much of them that in their abstraction the general human dimension behind the reproduced image is revealed. The rest is pure painting. And perhaps this constitutes the secret of his mysterious and unique paintings.

Text excerpt from: Sven Beckstette

»Mann und Flügel«, 2019<br />oil on canvas, 250 x 330 cm<br />
»Chandelier 4«, 2013<br />Oil paint on canvas, 240 x 180 cm<br />