group Show
Entering, Permanent, Welt, Attrape
Haus am Lützowplatz, Berlin, Germany
06.04.2019 – 26.05.2019

A chord of four words, vaguely prescribing the sound of the exhibition. If we move in so-called reality, how certain can we be that it is not a picture puzzle? And what effects do deception and self-deception have on our idea of the world?
From an art-historical point of view, the pair of terms realism / abstraction seems to be a rather overused and thus a worn out one, and yet it always offers new possibilities of observation.
The relationship between the states or things surrounding us and their meaning always has something breakable. The system that we perceive and believe we already know works perfectly only until a disturbance occurs.
If, for example, one moves a step away from the generally agreed understanding of the real, one quickly finds oneself in a grey area in which everything can be measured anew. We then find ourselves in the space between the thing itself and its image, wondering when an image becomes art, and when the real becomes abstract through exaggeration, or perhaps becomes a kind of abstract hyper-reality.
In the end the question remains: How to enter the permanent, if the world is only a dummy?