group Show
Palácio Cadaval, Evora
01.06.2022 – 01.10.2022

LOVE is the exhibition that brings Yves Saint Laurent’s infinite passion for Marrakech to the Palace of the Dukes of Cadaval. The bonds that unite the French fashion designer and Morocco resonate with endless possibilities and lead to new aesthetic approaches and creative connections. These moments are presented in LOVE in a line-up of three distinct and uniquely narrated chapters.

Strongly influenced by his background as both an artist and a scientist, Hicham Berrada’s work combines intuition and knowledge, science and poetry. He explores scientific protocols that closely imitate various natural processes and/or weather conditions. A veritable operating theatre, Présage is the result of a performance in which the artist combined various chemical products in a beaker. These manipulations produce a chimerical landscape in constant metamorphosis. The Présage performance series reveals landscapes emerging inside a jar. By gradually adding different elements – such as iron, copper, and tin – to a jar containing acidic or alkaline mixtures, a spectacle of unknown forms unfolds. These transformations of matter, simultaneously filmed and projected on screen, immerse the audience in a world of fascinating colors and shapes. In this way, Berrada avoids any kind of postproduction work on his videos, which for him are as much documentation as autonomous works of art.
The artist considers these ephemeral landscapes as genuine pictorial creations: ‘I try to control the phenomena I enlist in the same way that a painter controls his pigments and paintbrushes. My pigments and paintbrushes are heat, cold, magnetism, and light.’ These colors, shapes, and metamorphoses created by Berrada would have fascinated Yves Saint Laurent, who was always attentive to the relationship between colors, fabrics, and movement.