group Show
The Flowers of the Male – Biennale des Arts 2022 de Nice
Anatole Jakovsky International Museum of Naive Art, Nice
11.06.2022 – 19.09.2022

The Flowers of the Male, will be exhibited at the International Museum of Naive Art Anatole Jakovsky through a dialogue between a selection of works from the collection and others, by contemporary artists. It will be a question of dealing with representation by the flowers of the feminine / masculine and the ambivalence between rapture and fear.

List of artists:
Marc Alberghina, Gadha Amer, Araki, Genesis Belanger, Simon Bérard, Johan Creten, Josef Joseph, Dadoune, Noël Dolla, Jennifer Douzenel, Lionel Estève, Jean-Baptiste Ganne, Karim Ghelloussi, Djamel Kokene-Dorléans, Thierry Lagalla, Sandra Lecoq, John McAllister, Sophie Ristelhueber, Jean-Simon Raclot, Paolo Topy.

General Curator of the Nice Biennial of Arts 2022: Jean-Jacques Aillagon
Exhibition curator: Elodie Antoine
Museum curator: Frédérique Olivier-Ghauri, Michèle Perez