solo Show
Luft in allen Zimmern
G2 Kunsthalle, Leipzig, Germany
16.10.2020 – 16.05.2021

G2 Kunsthalle presents Gregor Hildebrandt’s first solo exhibition in Leipzig. For two decades, the artist has transformed analog sound storage media such as audiocassettes or vinyl records into collages, sculptures, paintings, and installations. Melding visual art with music, Hildebrandt has developed a complex interdisciplinary creative vision and devised a specific artistic idiom he continually enhances and refines. The exhibition at G2 Kunsthalle Leipzig showcases new ensembles and expansive installations, complemented by selected works from the past ten years. Gregor Hildebrandt (b. Bad Homburg, Germany, 1974) lives and works in Berlin.

The cassette tape collage is the seminal form that defines Hildebrandt’s creative practice. What started as the idea of capturing an acoustic phenomenon on canvas, harnessing the picture as a novel resonance chamber, has evolved into a multifaceted system of visual forms of expression. In working on his art, Hildebrandt takes inspiration from a personal repertoire of bands and musicians who have meant a great deal to him since his teenage years: The Cure, Björk, Einstürzende Neubauten, Tocotronic, Jacques Brel, or Christoph Willibald Gluck—what their music has in common is the romantic narrative of loneliness and a melancholy under-tone, a sentiment that is also reflected in the artist’s works.