solo Show
Kunst-Station, Hauptbahnhof Wolfsburg in coorperation with Städtische Galerie Wolfsburg
31.03.2022 – 28.08.2022

At the Kunst-Station in Wolfsburg's Central Station, Jan-Ole Schiemann shows the new wall installation "Störschub."

In Schiemann's work, the boundaries between abstract and figurative painting blur in an interesting way. Rigorous painterly gestures combine cartoon elements with pictorial means from comics and drip painting. Structures, logos, topographies, graffiti, and everyday textures are layered into a complex fabric that emphasizes the surface and draws in-depth. For the installation in the Kunst-Station, Jan-Ole Schiemann has dealt with the situation in a train station. Here, one waits for the upcoming train ride or awaits people arriving. Schiemann's installation eludes quick contemplation and invites one to discover additional pictorial elements. His suggestion for the travelers is to see the positive in the negative.