group Show
Museum Rijswijk, BR Rijswijk, The Netherlands
29.08.2021 – 16.01.2022

The 6th edition of the Textile Biennial is on show in Museum Rijswijk. It is the first time that the Textile Biennial has a distinct theme. The current turbulent time calls for an exhibition with socially engaged artists and an extra substantive dimension. The current topic of the Textile Biennial 2021 is Food for Thought. Twenty artists show their vision on food production and consumption. Many artists worldwide are working on the subject of food and this exhibition shows an interesting selection of them. There are four sub-themes: Abundance & Discomfort, Inquisitive & Activist, Identity, and Comfort/Punishment/Sin/Penance.

When choosing the works of art, the emphasis is on the impact of the works and the visual quality. In previous editions, the emphasis was on craftsmanship and technique that artists used to create special works of art from textiles. Textile is and will remain the binding factor in all contributions this year. Some works are deadly serious, others humorous. Many artists show an enormous social sensitivity, some make an inviting gesture towards the viewer with their work. Four artists are attending with a participation project, and ten artists are creating new work especially for this Biennial.