group Show
Philara Collection, Düsseldorf
30.08.2020 – 25.10.2020

13.08.2020, 14:00

Z O O M is an exhibition and publication project from the Philara Collection that thinks of literature as a basis for linking that will feature two of the gallery's artists from the Philara's permanent collection: Thomas Grünfeld and Florian Meisenberg.

The installation and release of the publication Z O O M will be part of the permanent collection presentation ON DISPLAY IV.

As a resistance practice of demarcation and isolation, Z O O M wants an initiate global 'reaching out' that evokes encounters, without having to get in touch personally. Reading enables you to leave your own world and connect with other minds. It requires the will to leave one's perspective; sometimes to reconsider sustainably.
The global spread of COVID-19 has made a major impact on our habits and self-evident.

This publication would like to create a quiet, introspective 'idea map' of the recent isolation period, which outlines an intellectual confrontation with the world and at the same time provides insights into artistic practice, humanistic principles, current social debates and insights into the private life of the respondents.

The result is a detailed, multi-perspective portrait that tries to reflect the tendencies of a changing society and the associated transformation of art and knowledge production.