solo Show
Reconnecting with the World: About the Poetic in Elements and Materials
Frankfurter Kunstverein, Frankfurt, Germany
31.10.2018 – 13.01.2019

From the 31st October 2018 to the 13th January 2019, the Frankfurter Kunstverein will present the exhibition „Reconnecting with the World“ featuring works by Hicham Berrada (b. 1986, Casablanca, Morocco, lives and works in Paris), Lucy Dodd (1981, New York, lives and works in Kensington, New York) and Sam Falls (1984, San Diego, lives and works in Los Angeles).

The artists participating in the exhibition „Reconnecting with the World“, Hicham Berrada, Lucy Dodd and Sam Falls, seek out our basic existential parameters and thus try to demonstrate our connectedness with an all-embarcing whole, showing new ways of reconnecting with the world. They create their works embedded within a historical moment of progressive disconnection from physicality and the conditions set by time and space, perpetuated by the use of digital devices.

The different artistic approaches of Hicham Berrada, Lucy Dodd and Sam Falls meet common ground in their aim to understand the world by using the materials we find in our environment and mapping the relationships that connect them. The works of these artists unfold from a resonance with the materials that are part of our lives. They use natural phenomena, activate temporal processes, and work with organic substances. The works develop by tracing the transformation processes that the respective materials undergo. Starting from an in-depth exploration of the materials’ behaviors, their works use art’s capacity to cast humans into the structure of the world and sketch out a new kind of connectivity to the processes unfolding within it. The artistic works by Hicham Berrada, Lucy Dodd and Sam Falls are located at the intersection of aesthetic expression, applied sciences, and practical philosophy. In their poetic investigation of nature, they seek out forms capable of representing how everything came to be the way it is.

Curator: Franziska Nori