group Show
Bundeskunsthalle Bonn
30.04.2023 – 15.10.2023

The Bundeskunsthalle organizes a summer program of interactions, play, and visual and acoustic impulses around the building, complementing the existing artworks in the outdoor space.

With the "Interactions" various places of the public space of the Bundeskunsthalle are occupied - partly also until autumn: From the roof to the foyer and the forum to the inner courtyard and the forecourt, selected artworks or performances are offered, which invite to interactive play, but also deal with visual languages, dance, music or sound as a cross-border and universal form of communication. Performances by various artists* form a gestural complement.

Interactions, interventions, and possible irritations are intended to give visitors the opportunity to playfully participate in the art; it is understood as an open offer that serves both individual and collective experience - a togetherness in which roles are questioned and openness, tolerance, and sensitivity are promoted.

The invited artists are interested in a social art practice that offers extended experiences, also to reduce a possible distance to art and within a society.